Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Patricia Polynesian Navigation Advice blog

WALT: Locate and summarise information Anaylyse ideas to reflect on the meaning

Patricia HOT History of the waka

WALT: Locate and summarise information             Anaylyse ideas to reflect on the meaning

Lady Esme & The Stolen Fire Gems

WALT: Locate information within a text

This Was Last weeks reading work.This is about a story of a king and his fire gems were stolen from someone in the castle,they investigate who stole it and find out who the person was.On this presentation it was like a comprehension about the story I really love doing it it fun. As this is the last week of term two we will be finishing our reading and writing off probley. This week my goal is to finish everything from this term.hope you enjoy my blog and my work :)

Friday, 24 June 2016

Raven's Final Flight

WALT: Locate information within a text

This week in reading I have been learning how to locate information within a text. This is my reading work from this week, my text was called Ravens Final Flight.When I first started it was so hard for me but when I went over it with a teacher I found it so easy.I hope you enjoy my reading work this week :)

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Friday, 10 June 2016

I Got Your Back!!!

Making Kindness go viral by "Soo Tauau" which means I got your back. Heres three special ways to demostraght what I mean.

  • How I help someone like if your friend has prblem then you could help them. 
  • Do something nice for someone, by them flowers,chocolate sothing,like that
  • Help homeless people of you see them like give them some coins you have.
  • Last of all Say Something nice to people. 

This was part of my AL7 work we had to list something you can do to make kindness go viral.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

Walt:Write a recount about term 2 immersion assembly.
This Morning Pt England school gathered in the hall for an Immersion assembly. We started off with Mrs Nua introducing us to this terms topic, As I see it
Team 1 is learning about Favourite thing,
Team 2 is learning about seasons
Team 3 is learning about grand designs and architecture
Team 4 is learning about comic and how they can create their own.
Team 5 is learning about waka arts.

Team 5's Item was the best because it was so funny. Our team item began with Miss Clark grabbing the mic saying welcome today we're going to be doing a competition. The contestants were the teachers who are Mrs Tele'a (blue),Miss Berry(red),Miss Garden(green) and Miss sadler(yellow). They were acting as our house names and colors, there was blue,yellow,red,green and Our house names are Hokule'a(green),Hine Moana(Blue),Te Aurere(Red),Hikianalia(Yellow). So there competition was a waka race because we named our houses after waka's.The contestant were preparing then they were pretending that they were in there own waka then miss clark said "alright everyone to this and GO!!!", Off they raced to the finished. When the race started Hine Moana was so competitive that she was in the lead then Hokule'a races past her. At the back Te Aurere was side by side with Hikianalia and they we hitting each other. Both Hokule'a and Hine Moana was racing then Hokulea touches the flag and she Wins!!. But I can describe them being aggressive.

My favourite Item was team 4 because they were like superheroes but instead of calling themselves avengers they were the Teacher Vengers. They had made a movie about 5 teachers stopping the bad guy bear Baxendine. Mr Somerville as the team leader (America),Mr Goodwin (Bat Guy), Miss Lavakula (Wondering Woman),Mrs Moala and Miss West (Amateur Hero’s). So it starts off with Bear Baxendine trying to steal chromebooks, then the Amateur Hero’s are watching him but he doesn't know. Bear Baxendine gets out a chromebook who is Bobby Johns then the Amateur Heros make their move to stop him then The Bear takes them out and tie their hands with rope and Bear Baxendine says “No one can stop me”. After that then the Teacher Vengers arrive and take bear and save the Amateur hero’s and The Teacher Venger’s save the day once again.

Immersion assembly was Awesome. My favourite item was team 5 because Mrs Tele’a was so funny. I look forward to doing more great things this term and learn more this term.
I hope that you enjoy my writing.