Tuesday, 12 April 2016


WALT: Express our thoughts and opinions
This morning the 11th of April, We had Andrew Patterson and two other people and they were Arizona and Kenese, who came and talk to us about leadership.This was held place the year 7/8 street which is what we call our intermediate.

Arizona introduced herself with her full name,She talked about family and that her parents work at sacred heart school.Arizona has two brothers One at the age of 19 and the other at the age of 11..Something really cool about her was she got experience what it was like to work at disneyland and She was head girl at Epsom Girls. One other Memory of hers was she got to perform at Polyfest. Her culture is Samoan,Tongan,Maori,Fijian.Arizona’s motivation is her great grandmother because she is 102 year old. Arizona got to set goal and she accomplished it by three steps, Work Hard,Dream Big,Share Happiness.

Kenese Introduced himself by starting off by him culture Niuean and samoan, He talked about how he was raised and how he grew up.Kenese went to Wesley Primary near Mt Roskill. He grew up without a father so  he didn't know what it felt like and He was born in samoa and then his mum decided to come to New Zealand because of his Education. Kenese Talked about him getting raised around Violence,drinking,smoking and gang members. He mention if we see someone cool then we should not be like them we should be ourselves.Kenese’s motivation was his mother because she had to sacrifice some things in order for him to get an education.  

What I learned from Arizona is never hold back but is to shoot for the star.Arizona Inspired me,encouraged me to follow my dreams. Arizona study hard to get to where is was right now, she is like the leader in her family. From what Arizona said she had inspired me to be more confident when I speak, she motivated me to work hard but most of all she taught me that education is the most important thing. When Arizona was talking she was talking about confident she has just inspired to never be shy all the time and just to let it out.

From Kenese’s story I have learnt that If I see someone cool I shouldn’t try to be like them I should just be myself. Kenese Inspired me to Make right decisions and don’t go down the wrong path. Kenese has grew up trying to be someone he wasnt Example:If you see someone cool don’t try to be like them just be yourself. He has inspired me to make the right decision and just to be myself normal. When he was talking he said” When I talk about my mum it makes me emotional”. He has mention that he loves his mum and that is his motivation as I said before because she has sacrificed things for him to get an education.

That talk was long but it was important to us kids so we can make the right decisions so that when we get older we can reflect back on that and we could pass it on to other children's and so they don’t turn out trying to be cool and trying to be a gang person.

Everyone should wake up motivated to get up because they should appreciate their parents because they sacrificed things for us and if it wasn't for their parents then they wouldn’t be here. feel like this talk has motivated us children to be confident when we speak and we should use these three steps Arizona has taught us Work Hard,Dream Big and Share Happiness.
This week we had Andrew patterson and two other people Arizona and Kenese, They came to us about leadership. I really enjoy it because it taught us kids to choose the right decisions when we grow up. Thanks to Andrew PAtterson and Arizona and Kenese.  

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Fiafia Coming Up!!

Its Fiafia TOMORROW!!!

Wow waking up to butterflies in your stomach, Wow Fiafia is just around the corner.Im am nevous to hell because I am Really not use to talking or perfoming infront of a BIG crowd. There are many Pasifika Cultures, I am in the Tongan GIrls Cheehoo. One of my favourite things is watching other Cultures perfoming. I am very excited but very nervous to perfom in big crowds. My teachers for Fiafia is Mrs Moala,Mrs Belt and my tutor is Maryanne, Fiafia practices are were hard for me but then I just went with the flow. When we stand on stage the persion is ment to look like a V, there are two girls Ana and Eva. I will be standing in the middle just before the steps to the top And this will be my last Fiafia.I feel excited but nervous. I hope you enjoy my writing.