Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Fiafia Coming Up!!

Its Fiafia TOMORROW!!!

Wow waking up to butterflies in your stomach, Wow Fiafia is just around the corner.Im am nevous to hell because I am Really not use to talking or perfoming infront of a BIG crowd. There are many Pasifika Cultures, I am in the Tongan GIrls Cheehoo. One of my favourite things is watching other Cultures perfoming. I am very excited but very nervous to perfom in big crowds. My teachers for Fiafia is Mrs Moala,Mrs Belt and my tutor is Maryanne, Fiafia practices are were hard for me but then I just went with the flow. When we stand on stage the persion is ment to look like a V, there are two girls Ana and Eva. I will be standing in the middle just before the steps to the top And this will be my last Fiafia.I feel excited but nervous. I hope you enjoy my writing.

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