Friday, 4 March 2016

A Tribute to Priscilla Tui.

Today in Assembly we had a family service for our Prisclilla.Priscilla is a mother of  RaewenEve,Rowana,Kruz, Oalii,and Ofili also a wife of Mose. We care about Priscilla and we love her she was like a mother,aunty and a surportive person. On Monday moring she sadly passed away from brest cancer, all these years she has been fighting cancer. There was a video of her and her husdand dacing in our school prosution, I wanted to cry but I was sbeing strong, because she doesent want us to cry. Priscilla had alot of whanau that came and surported her. I remember she was my tutor and she was amazing,she showed her love to us and cared about her children. Pricilla filled up a gap as a coach,rugby manger and a tutor. Priscilla I want you to know we will love you and you will always be in our herats.


  1. HI Patricia we loved your post about Priscilla Tui of her lost,and we will like to say thank you and we will always keep her in your hearts.

    from : Sabrina and Sheena

    1. Thanks comment on my blog yes we will always keep her in our hearts and she will always be remembered.


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