Friday, 20 February 2015

Chicken noodle worms

Walt: write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.
Have you ever have a strange day before? Today in class It was a strange day because when we sat down Mr Goodwin was talking about chicken flavoured worms. I was thinking  Mr Goodwin must be crazy.
By my partner Ukura Taoro
Our task today was to write a introduction without other paragraphs.And we are also trying to mark other peoples rubric an explain why we did that.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Dotterel Chicks

Walt: look beyond the text.

What was dotterel doing when it was coming up to the author and then running away?
The Author knew that it was trying to protect its nest by trying to lead the author away.

Where was the dotterel nest hidden?
The nest had been hid in the sand driftwood because Their camouflage colours make them difficult to see when standing still, but their habit of running quickly and pausing to feed makes them easy to identify. Their 'chip-chip' call is often heard before they are seen.

Why did the author feel sad? (page 46)
two weeks later the author came back and saw the nest was gone because there was a four wheeler and thought it was dead because it wasn't there.

Why did the dotterel chicks lie still?
Because it saw the author as danger.

Why was the author glad to have seen the dotterels?
Because was dead but then he heard a faint rustle sound and then those were the baby eggs were.

My task was to research about dottereals I found out Where they nest The NZ dotterel nests on beaches above the high tide mark. Their nests are just a shallow hole dug into the sand. Their eggs and speckled like the sand and are very hard to see. The chicks are very small and look like fluffy bumblebees with long legs.When you go to the you must be carfully before you step on there nest but some times there nest can be coumflage but I suggested that you should not mess with them.

Facts: NZ dotterels are shorebirds, usually found on sandy beaches and sandpits or feeding on tidal estuaries.
They are mostly pale-grey on the back, with off-white underparts which become flushed with rusty-orange in winter and spring. They have a prominent head, large dark-brown eyes and a strong black bill.
Their camouflage colours make them difficult to see when standing still, but their habit of running quickly and pausing to feed makes them easy to identify. Their 'chip-chip' call is often heard before they are seen.
Here is a link to a website about dotterel.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Holiday Highlight

Walt: Follow the structure of a recount to write about a holiday highlight.  

What is your favourite Holiday highlight?

Have you been  to Shakespeare beach before?
In the Holidays me and my family went to Shakespeare beach and everyone slept over my house. When I was sleeping A Few hours later… I could hear My Aunty calling me to wake up. When I woke up I had to go and wake up my Sisters and and cousin it was so cold, my mum and the others stayed up making food for us it was a hangi. Finally my sister and cousin woke up. After all that we were ready to go. It was a really long drive because we went out of Auckland. when we arrived we went to this gate  but it was closed because we were at the boat site so then we try this other gate turns out that was for a water fall after we finally found the right gate that go's to the beach.

A few minute later we were settled and I walked down to the beach. Before my uncle said we were going I said " But I haven't went into the water yet"?  So then  I ran into the water it was so cold but it was so fun. After that my mum told us to come up for a break because we were in the water too long then me My sister,my cousin and me As I was walking I felt a shiver so I quickly grabbed my bag and ran to the changing rooms. When I got changed there was a lot of people so I was just waiting for my sister and my cousin to come so they can wait for me and because we can all go at the same time. After getting changed we went to my family and then we've had something to eat then went and played. Next I went for another swim with  my sister,brother,cousins. after having a long swim in the water I went and got change then went and layed in the tent and play on the ipad on till i fell asleep. When I woke it was time to go back home so then we packed up and came back to Auckland.

Next time in the holidays I look forward to going back to Shakespeare beach some time with my family. I really had fun swimming with my family .

Today i'm glad that I finished my task so I don’t stay in lunch time. What I learned was to Write a recount about one of your holiday highlights.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Probability - What's in the Bag?

W.A.L.T :make predictions, list possible outcomes, assign possibilities to simple events using fractions.

My task today was to do a presentaion about probobillitey all we had to do was to pick out a pice of cube out of a imvolope.when we pull it out you have to right it down you pull it out 8 times.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

DIY hokey pokey ice cream

W.A.L.T follow instructions, and complete tasks to a high standard.

My group is Hokey Pokeys today My task was to create my presentation about Hokey Pokey but with no themes.I learned what hokey Pokey ice cream is made out of. its made out vanilla ice cream,Honey comb toffee.