Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Super Powers

walt:  write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words.

super powers.. If I had super powers it would be slow time down why? because if i was late to school i can just reverse class if i don't’ finish in time i can just go back ( reverse time) and get work done in just a minute.

Slowing time down would be a good potentiality because It feels like you're just time traveling and everything slows down. While time is slowing down you feel that your capability get more extreme every time you shift. My fascinating power is a lot valuable to me. It can help me with everything, Slowing things are really incredible.
Marked by Loseli

 I would use my powers for everything like: school and other things but not like take over the world. My extreme powers would be able to help get to places like crazy. Slowing time is kinda weird but awesome at the same time, i can use this for example: I woke up at 8.20 i would just zap the clock that would just slow things down even people,cars. one day i would want to be able to explore more abilities at once.

Having super powers are incredible because when  i'm going for fitness at school I can slow time down so I can be the first to finish. Slowing time down would be a really good ability for me because of all the things that I have mentioned. My power are amazing I can use them any time but it has to be a good reason to but I use it at the right time and the right place. One day I hope that I would be able to help people and learn more about my powers if they come to life.

In writing in the past few days we were writing effective paragraphs using juicy and capable words. We focused in one paragraph and we came down on the mat. So that we can all recraft togather. In the end of our writing we all had to find a partner so that we can recraft our partners work.

We were learning to write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words. We re craft our writing with our partners.   

Friday, 26 June 2015

amzing Super Mario World

 WALT: write effective paragraphs.
 Super Mario World?  Super Mario is side scroller game and a role playing game  that everyone likes to play. Its available on your chromebook. Mario has a lot of things happen in it, But it's animated and has a lot of details in it here are some reasons why you should play it.

 The Aim of the game is to past all the level as possible.There are many ways that you can past you can Collect Mushrooms to grow bigger,stars,and other things. Some levels in this game can be hard and some can be easy I find level 3 hard a little bit. You also have to dodge the bad brownish mushroom cause  you lose a life. Some things that are hard is the bricks caiuse they block your way.
 Mario is a italian character,with a mustache on him, he wears red and white clothing,blue,He
wears a overall and he has a hat with M on it. In this game marion moves around.Mario has special abilities in this game you can collect something like: mushroom,star. sometimes there are secret boxes in there if there is a long pipe.

 The controls are if you want him to move up/or to kill your enemies then push up on your keys, sideways you then have to push right/left. Super Mario is a very easy game all you have to do is try not to leave your hand on the controls because then you die so fast,try to put one finger on each key to control it. The hard bit of Super Mario is when you're on the platform and there is a mystery box the there is a gap in between it's really hard for me.

My favourite part of this was playing the game. I like this game cause it was unbelievable all the things happening in it wow my brain nearly exploded. My thoughts of this game is it's really addicting and amazing but the best so im going to give it 100%. I think that i can improve by practicing and practicing. I highly recommend that you should try this out.

Task: we had to research about super mario world.Ierned how to write an effective paragraphs in just 10-13 minutes. 
   we had to write five paragraghs in silents but after each bit we stop for 1 minute and cheacked it all. the best part of research was playing and testing out the game. every body worked well no was talking during the section and every has a greatpiece of writing :)

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


We are learning how to use similes to describe things in our writing to capture our audience.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015