Monday, 31 August 2015

Trade Fair.

WALT: Use language that paints a picture in the mind of our reader.

This terms topic is Trade and Enterprise, team 4 has there own market selling going on. We have something called trade fair. At trade fair there’s lots of things that happen, we sell products in our groups and materials and stationery like that. You must be wondering what that is I will be explaining this to you. Trade Fair is similar than markets because trade fair takes peoples orders and markets they just tell you how much that is and then you give them the money. At trade fair it was like a jungle because every was going there then, there then everywhere. In my group was Waimaria,me,sulieti. Waimaria sat and selled for 30 minutes while me and suli go and shop, I only went to 3 stores first to Hendrix's group for a loom band for 50 Pieces, I went to heather and brought a loom band aging same price, then I went to inez for a hackey sack. We have 6 groups and they are: Toys,Kitchen,jewelry and accessory,Custom Stationery, Music, Home ware. I was put in Custom stationery and my teacher was Mr Goodwin.In custom stationary kids are making Name labels,Math Books,door hangers,Bookmarks,sticker,badges,pencils, Photo shots.In my group Waimaria is pretty much the bo$$. On Friday At 2:00 we all came together as a team and talked about When we are selling we can't just sell for a few minutes then go and shop so waimaria sells first and me ,sulieti shop for thirty minutes. I just kept going in circles but I wanted to go to the kitchen but I stayed with my bestie Loseli but just i was going to walk out Mr Somerville said” stop look and listen” he said the seller now have to swop with the shoppers. I thought that shopping was better than selling but at the end i really liked to sell not shop. The trade fair was awesome man I can’t wait for week eight, it is because the stuff we bought that is the week we are gonna get it. But for my feelings of doing a trade fair was cool for year fives and sixes it looked like we all had fun. Doing my own business and with my own group in the trade fair helped me with getting heaps of orders.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Window washing.

Walt: learn and use new vocab

Food Critics

Walt: use language that paints a picture in the mind of our reader.

Not a good combination.

peanut butter and jam really Incredible combination but L&P and chocolate ( White chocolate) Is a bummer combination.

The Price for L&p is $4.30 at countdown. In side this chocolate it not milk chocolate but white chocolate, little yellow chip,and of course lemon.

I was impressed and wasn't impressed because I didn't really like lemon.. It smell Like A cup of lemonade, felt rocky, I could taste a lot of lemon not white chocolate. not really a good chocolate.

Over all I would give this 4/10. I think that it's kinda a good product and not but I would change this by changing the lemon to rocky road and the white chocolate to
milk chocolate. But I liked doing this experiment.

On friday we did a taste obversion with chocolate we got given numbers if you got 1 that means you had jaffas, number two was L&P, the final one was number 3 which was mavroulis bar.  I got L&p well i didn't really didnt like it cause the white chocolate i would have change that.

Friday, 21 August 2015

can i afford it?

Walt: understand money as decimal numbers.

Patricia Fitness Watch Advice blog

Walt: think critically about what we read. A week ago we had to Make a presention about James Abel and how he needed advice on which wach he should get a garmin and fit bit. so i think the fit bit is better because its reveiws and its video just hit heart.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

3D Shapes

walt: about the properties of 3 dimensional shapes. we were learning about 3D shapes for the past weeks. today we learn about verticals,faces,edges. Here is a little presentation about 3 dimensional shapes.

Auxiliary Verbs

WALT:  We are learning about auxiliary verbs and using them in sentences. This is my Auxiliary verbs. The Auxiliary are am, will, was, have. These are also called helping words. Our task was to choose a verb (action verb) and we had to find an appropriate picture for our presentation, my word was playing.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Ski Trip Fundraiser

walt: understand and use new vocabulary.

we had to follow all intrusion like always. My gruop ( Hokey Pokeys) had to read ski trip, so after reading it we did a ad poster and i found it hard because i thought it was just the same as koko poster.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


WALT:  We are learning about conjunctions and how to use them in sentences.

Task One  
Highlight the conjunctions RED in the sentences below

  • We went home and went straight to bed.

  • They are rich but they aren’t happy.

  • We went home because we were tired.

  • We went home early, so we missed the end of the concert.

  • We went home when Jane wanted to.

  • We went home before the concert ended.

  • We went home after Max Jones had sung his first song.

  • We went home although / though we did not really want to.

  • We will go home if we are tired.

Task Two
Complete these sentences using a conjunction and making up the connecting sentence. (highlight the conjunction red)
*Use all of these conjunctions below in each of the sentences.

only if

e.g - Gene can go to school because he’s not sick anymore

Gene can go to school if he wants to.
Lena has a sore foot was injured because rugby.
Katareina won't be going to the movie unless she does the chores.
Sione can ride his bike after school
Sally climbed a tree but her mum said to be careful.
Kyle walked home from school because he wanted to walk with his friends.
Simon was full from dinner
Anna watched her sister because her mum said to babysit her.
Scott was in charge while his parents went out  
Shelley played ripper rugby even though she wasn't allowed

Today I learned about  Conjunctions. I didn't know what it was until i looked at the doc and then
I knew that this would be easy I was confused on a little bit but My friend loseli helped me and then vinolia asked me to help her. I thought it was really fun and It looked hard but now that I tried my best I can always get better.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Bean bag hire 3 pt

Walt: pursued the reader to agree with our message.

Bean bags for hire

Bean bags are cozy to sit on and you can  to relax on it.

Bored of sitting on a chair or floor why don’t you come and buy one comfortable,soft and warm bean bag instead of sitting on a chair chair or on the floor bean bags are always hire.

The bean bag sculpt moulded into the a form shape of your choice. You can choose  to sit on the bean bag, or use it to sit back on.

The cushiony  bean bags come in two multi colours. A fantastic  blue one, and a incredible green one. It’s your pick which one you wish to sit on.

The amount  is 3pt. You pay formerly at the starting point of the day and then you can use the beanbag for the rest of the day.

Remember for $$$$3pt you can sit at a beanbag during class the whole time all day.

For this task we were talking  about advertising, so we did it about bean bags for hire because since team 4 are doing pt so if we would like a bean bag we would pay 3 pts for it. we recraft a sentence that mr goodwin wrote but we made it sound more interesting. I used thesaurus to help me find more juicy words that i can often use.