Monday, 31 August 2015

Trade Fair.

WALT: Use language that paints a picture in the mind of our reader.

This terms topic is Trade and Enterprise, team 4 has there own market selling going on. We have something called trade fair. At trade fair there’s lots of things that happen, we sell products in our groups and materials and stationery like that. You must be wondering what that is I will be explaining this to you. Trade Fair is similar than markets because trade fair takes peoples orders and markets they just tell you how much that is and then you give them the money. At trade fair it was like a jungle because every was going there then, there then everywhere. In my group was Waimaria,me,sulieti. Waimaria sat and selled for 30 minutes while me and suli go and shop, I only went to 3 stores first to Hendrix's group for a loom band for 50 Pieces, I went to heather and brought a loom band aging same price, then I went to inez for a hackey sack. We have 6 groups and they are: Toys,Kitchen,jewelry and accessory,Custom Stationery, Music, Home ware. I was put in Custom stationery and my teacher was Mr Goodwin.In custom stationary kids are making Name labels,Math Books,door hangers,Bookmarks,sticker,badges,pencils, Photo shots.In my group Waimaria is pretty much the bo$$. On Friday At 2:00 we all came together as a team and talked about When we are selling we can't just sell for a few minutes then go and shop so waimaria sells first and me ,sulieti shop for thirty minutes. I just kept going in circles but I wanted to go to the kitchen but I stayed with my bestie Loseli but just i was going to walk out Mr Somerville said” stop look and listen” he said the seller now have to swop with the shoppers. I thought that shopping was better than selling but at the end i really liked to sell not shop. The trade fair was awesome man I can’t wait for week eight, it is because the stuff we bought that is the week we are gonna get it. But for my feelings of doing a trade fair was cool for year fives and sixes it looked like we all had fun. Doing my own business and with my own group in the trade fair helped me with getting heaps of orders.

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