Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Patricia Life Education Caravan.

P1 : Have you heard of the Life Education Caravan before?
Every year the Life Education Caravan always comes and teaches us about things like body parts. Last week on Tuesday me and my class went to the harold’s caravan. Our Teacher was Lynn,our last thing we learned about was five things that helps  our bodies to  grow.

P2:  Five things that we need to help our bodies grow are five or six cups of Water,Rest,Exercise,Food,and eight hours of sleep. People need to have at least five or more vegetable a day. When I saw Harold, in my head I was thinking he was just a puppet. Harold is kind,caring and smart giraffe.Lynn told us that Harold’s teacher gave him homework to do and if he doesn’t  do it then his teacher is going to eat him because the teacher is a lion.  

P3: At the end, Lynn gave harold books for us to take to learn more about the things we did in the caravan. I felt so excited and so happy to see Harold again. I look forward to seeing the Life Education Caravan next year.

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