Friday, 28 November 2014

Athletics Day.

This is Athletics my writing  that I was Working on all week and finally I've finished. 

Introduction: Have you ever did athletics before? On Friday last week It was our school athletics. Our whole school gathered on the hard courts. After that Mr Burt said the karakia. After the karakia Miss Va’afusuaga  dismissed us from each year group. Here,I was with the year 5 girls and Miss Ouano was our teacher. While I was walking to our first event, I was feeling very nervous.

When we walked over to our first activity which was shot put. We got split up into 2 groups,I was in the first group. I was up and shaking, “Does  if any one wants to come in front of me”? no one said yes. Its was my turn  I was so shy but when I  had a try and when I did,I sat in second place. After that the year 5 girls went over to Miss King and Ms Squires where they were in charge of high jump.

Once we arrived at High jump Miss King split us up into two groups. One blue and the other red. is blue and red. I liked the blue team because it is my house colour. Once it was my turn I ran but I didn't make it over the pole.When I got up I started laughing. When I looked over to the red team and the only person left  was Rima. All of the year 5 girls were watching her because she was the only one left.

My favourite activity was discus because at the end before we went to javelin we were dancing with Miss Tito and Mr Somerville.  

I hope you enjoyed my Recount. 

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