Monday, 2 March 2015

Duffy show

Have you ever Heard or been to the Duffy Theatre? On  Monday Afternoon all the senior class went to the hall for the Duffy  Theatre. Just after the bell rang everyone came back to class and got ready to go straight to the hall. When we got there we sat in two lines,onced we sat down in our two lines.

While we were waiting for  the other class to settle down one of the actors came to us and asked us if we wanted to play a game so we said
“yes”,the game we played was simon says.When we played I won the whole round. After when everyone was settled the duffy show started.

The duffy show started on the count of three when we said “DUFFY” and the actors went and hid. Duffy came out he came with his books and his guitar and then he called his friends to come out and thats when they introduce themselves. and Then we sang the Duffy. Finally the show started, There was a girl called sienna and she didn't know how to read. Sienna sat and thats when

her mum comes out with her purse and she was stressed because she was looking for her keys and then Sienna ask her kara “Mum can you help me with my homework” and then Kara said “i'm sure you’ll figure it out you're are smart girl,”yea Figure it out to get another detention”.  

When She was walking to school it started to rain so she walked into the library and thought it was a toy store. When she was about to walk in she saw duffy issuing the books she thought it duffy’s rich because his library card was a visa card. Then she said “So you must be rich, “aye,”yea” with your visa card and books. So then Sienna thinks that he stole so then Duff says “No No NO This is a library. Sienna “Oo never mind. So then he said “WHAT” ,”yea I hate libraries”,Why”, Because I hate reading. Duffy was going to encourage Sienna to read, “hey sienna what’s your favourite colour? “Black like a tv. so then they started to ask sienna some questions. After they were asking sienna questions

duffy gave sienna a book to read and it was a harry potter book she read it and it was amazing but also so funny because Harry and this girl were squishing the plants and it made a lot of noise so they had to wear ear muffs to protect their ears from the sound. When sienna saw them she went and did it and thats when she took off her ear muffs and when sienna squished it it was really loud and I think my ears were saw just a bit. Then she said you must be the new girl then she started talking but I forgot what she said. Then she said she want another book which was a dinosaur one. Then duffy came and then they were reading the book. I felt like something funny was coming up soon then There were dinosaur that eat people then they saw the dinosaur and before ran because they needed to close the book before the dinosaur would eat them so then the story was in slow motion, finally they both reach to the book and close it. After that sienna’s mum came to look for her and said “there you are I have been looking for you, “ But mum I want to stay to read ,”sienna We have to go. Then duffy grab a book about fishing and Her mum then sighed a form to get a book after that they made a rap.      

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