Thursday, 26 March 2015

Camp recount

Walt: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.

Intro: Have you ever been to camp before? Well every year the year five’s and six’s have an opportunity to camp on school grounds, but this it wasn't just camp it was our 25th anniversary. This is how it went down.

Did you know what camp is all about?Camp is all about having fun,but it started in 1991 which some of our parents came to this school. but this

Paragraph 2: My favourite Activity was Kayaking because it was really fun I got to go on a boat with a teacher. but first miss garden was explaining the rules and she told us to get a life jacket. then I saw double kayak so I asked sulieti if she wants to go so then she say “yes” then we both went. back to shore and wanted for another kayak. Then Mr malone came in his boat and he asked me and cameo want to go with him. When I went on the boat and he asked me if I wanted to control the boat “ No thanks” but then he told me how to control it then I got the hang of it and then I said “cameo” do you want to have a try because I felt really scared controlling the boat.

Paragraph:3  My Second favourite highlight was going to mangare pools because I went in the bombing pool and the slide. When I woke up We had go into the hall for jump jam then after we had go back and change into clothing that we haven't worn before and get ready for breakfast. Then after breakfast we had to go and clean out our tent and clean ourselves up. After that we took our bags into our teacher’s class I was in honest squad. My teacher was Miss Lavakula so we put our’s in her classroom. Finally we were on the bus ready to go. After that I finally got into the pool,When I jump in I felt so cold then i walked to my cousin Sabrina. After a while I started to get warm then the slide was open but I didn't want to go but then when I saw my friend in the line then that’s when I wanted to go. when I was in the line it started to go up quickly because people went into the big pool and swam in there. Finally it was my tun I grabbed a board and sat on it and it was so fun “ WHOOO”. then the bombing pool was open. I went to the bombing pool with my friends. It was my turn and I was so excited, but then I had a few bombs and then i felt so dizzy so I went and got changed. After all of the fun it was already time to go back to school.

Conclusion:After mangere pools I felt so exhausted and sad because camp was over but I did look forward to kayaking and I loved just chilling in the hall with the Rollerblades and ridding. I hope the year 5 and 6s next year enjoy their camp.  


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