Monday, 18 May 2015

Immersion assembly

WALT: Use different types of sentences to improve writing
Have you ever had a Immersion assembly? Instead of getting the principal's awards sticker we got  baked cookies, Sandwiches, and some other things with biscuits and marshmallow. If you were there or you were one of the students, teachers, or an adult who sits on the side you would’ve  gotten one.

Once  the second bell rang for school we all had to line up in our home classes. When we went to the school hall I saw some teachers like Mr Burt, Mr Jacobson, Mrs Nua and some of the prefects baking and cooking. They were making cream piculets and this kinda wierd thing that has two biscuits and some marshmallows but the order was biscuit, marshmallow and then one more biscuit on the top. But the year 1s gave us some carrots, celery with some dips.

When Mr Burt gave the microphone to Ana then we had to say the karakia. Once it had finished Every teams had to do there team Items, so it was time for team one. There item was all about healthy food, healthy playground and that we will not go to the dental clinic anymore. I think that I understand in the team ones slides is to keep healthy, have healthy food, and that our teeth will not come off and going to the dental clinic.

Now it is time for team twos item, I think that there item was all about building Eeyore a new kinda stick house. Miss Berry was Eeyore, Ms Eddie was Tigger, Mrs Nalder was the piglet, Mrs Rapoled was Winnie the pooh and then Mr barks was christopher robin.
If I was judging there video and if it was out of ten I would have gave them five the reason why I would have gave them five out of ten because they never played but only a little bit but it was mostly played on video slid. But I kind of liked it because they were wearing onesies while they were doing the play.

Mr Barks came to talk about his minion hovercraft and he chose Mr Sommerville because Mr Sommerville had a batman cave on. When Mr Barks chose Mr Sommerville he told him to sit on the hovercraft while Mr Barks was telling Mr Sommerville to sit on the hovercraft Mr Barks had a leaf blower and on that hovercraft there was kind of a medium circle. Mr Barks put the leaf blower inside that medium hole then he on it, Mr Sommerville started to kind of fly just a little bit. But it was kind of cool. I felt so exciting of seeing teachers act in a play I hope you enjoyed my writing.

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