Friday, 3 July 2015

The three little/big pigs

WALT: write a news style report


Lead: who what when where why

supporting  paragraph  : the first 2 little pigs

supporting paragraph 2 the third little pig survival

supporting paragraph 3: interview with mama pig or third pigs.

The Two little pigs death:(
Byline:Tuesday 12/05/15
By:Patricia Finau
Lead: Three Little pigs have sadly been attacked by a vicious wolf in there homes. two pigs have been murder  but the third little pig survived and managed to kill the big bad wolf.

Two little pigs
The third pig was attacked but he managed to escape and managed to trap the wolf. it 
The third pig survived because he was too smart that he made his house out of bricks.  
The wolf could not blow it down, so he went through the chimney automatically the pig got 
a pot ready because he knew he was going through the chimney. Once the wolf got in the pot the pig ate him.

How does it feel for your lost of your children? When  i found out i felt ashamed for letting them go but my feelings were sad. Would you let your third pig in again? Well yes to keep him safe for what happened to my other pigs.igs recently been told to move out of there mother home and been eaten by a wolf, he was reported hungry but lucky enough the third little pig escaped and managed to kill the wolf.
We are learning how to make a new report and i have learned how to not use word like cool or amazing so i have mostly learned how to not use most of the story in the introduction.

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