Thursday, 23 July 2015

What I would Do With A Million Dollars

Walt: write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words.

If I had a million Dollars at the Mall

If I had a million dollars it would be so fun because i would be able to get  anything I want but i wouldn't worry about the prices. Having this amount of money would be incredible because you will always see me at the mall shopping at stores like : Foot locker, toy store, Warehouse . A million dollars is like OUT OF THIS WORLD!! plus you have all you ever DREAMED.   

I had a milion dollars go to Toy World and buy toys like : Bobit,monopoly,jena nerf guns all sorts of thing that I am addicted to. Toy world is like the number toy store maybe I should just buy the whole store but  my favourite thing about that store is getting everything its got a lot of amazing, incredible thing you really want to get.

I would shop at foot locker with my a million dollars because you can buy shoes,clothing and other thing like that. I can buy me some nike shoes as well as clothing but I would mostly like to buy clothing and shoes there. Foot Locker is often a store where people like to buy there happy place.I highly recommend that you shop at this store.
I would spend a lot of time in this store because it would be hard to chose.

 This is my final store I would like to shop at cause the warehouse is where everybody gets there bargain, you can get the best prices there. Inside warehouse it's like you're just at home there's heaps of homeware things there  and I love to buy my shoes and clothing from there. I describe this store like im at home cause there a lot of clothing and food there and it's like you're at a market.warehouse is an incredible shop so I would love to buy things there. Warehouse is like the number #1 family store where people likes to get everything.

Shopping at all these store: toy world,Warehouse,Foot locker would be fun however it wouldn't be  responsible this is how I imagine it, I would keep some for me,give a bit to my family,give a part to charity, use the rest  of the money to buy a new house for mum and dad and that's how I would have spent my money. This money is a lot but it would be fun if didn't waste it on junk but waste it on family,people who need it real badly and charity and last of all i would spend it on family bills.

our task was write about being selfish but really this is how I inmangene it is me give money away thats not wasting it. I had to write 5 paraghs of what we would do with a milion dollars. If this was real it would be fun just shopping with out loking at the price tag but no I would be Financially reasonable.

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